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All addictions are ultimately Victim Behavior- they're also a symptom of codependency.

Recovery (serenity) requires a quantum shift, detachment defined is nothing (because Ego is digitalized), and detachment 'experienced' is serenity.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

detox first... for free

When you're trying to quit... most of the time we just try to cut down.

The rationalization is, "I don't gotta QUIT, but I am doing too much".

What is the definition of addition?
For example... lets take food addiction or sex addiction...

What are you gonna do? be celibate?


stop eating?

you'd die of course.

The pure definition of an addiction is:

When you're doing stuff that has negative consequences... and you do em anyway.

OK, we're talking about Crack here.

Any is too much.
But you're not really gonna do that. are you?
For most of us, not the first time.

Cigarettes are like this too.

People seldom quit the first time.
They try to cut down.

I could preach the same shit to you as every one else does...
but that's not really gonna do you much good.

OK, lets detox first.

In AA or NA, the 12 step model says this:

Just for this 24 hours

OR 24 minutes.

break it down to something you're likely to handle.

And what can you do while you're doing this to help?

Water, Walk, Sweat, Sleep.

yep, it's the elixer of life, it cleans out your liver, flush all that toxic shit out of your system.

Drink an uncomfortable amount of water.

And if you drink coffee or soda... drink at least that much water to replace the coffee/soda, they are diuretics...

Tap water often tastes bad. I used to live in Washington DC, ten years ago, DC had a bacteria alert or warning... the aqueduct that runs under MacArthur blvd is about 100 years old. Baltimore water is hard, and tastes like chlorine. Here in Frederick, I live about 500 feet from the Monocacy Water treatment plant...

So what do I do?
Walmart has cheap water filters, you can get a Brita (brand name) OR a generic DuPont water filter for under $10

Walking and Lymph Glands.

We all know that we have a liver and 2 kidneys and that their job is to filter out waste... did you know that your Lymph Glands are your bodies "Bilge Pump"?

They're activated ONLY by MOVEMENT, moving the largest limbs in our bodies (our legs) will pump out shit from our system... we're supposed to walk 10,000 steps a day. That's 10k paces, roughly 2.5 feet or (I think) 3 miles a day to get both aerobic benefit and pump out your "bilge pump".


Did you know that your skin is an organ?
On average it weighs 20 pounds... and it does more than just hold your muscles and veins and shit.

It's job is waste removal... Alcoholics smell like liquor even when they don't drink.
It's fall here in the eastern US, so it's gonna get cold, take a sauna or something...
sweat is your friend when you're detoxing.


don't need to say much about that, get lots of rest, you need it.

I wrote this so you can get 50 or 60 days clean before you fuck up again.

you can do this a couple times before you actually get to a place where recovery work can begin.

At this point anything I said is just gonna bounce off.

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Stay tuned

David Bruce
Our Ego & how it gets us in trouble

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