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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Why some men smoke crack? ED

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Many men who smoke crack, well the ones that are from the 70's generation, the ones that are 50 something, smoke crack because they're sex addicted... Roughly 66% of all men over 45 have some form of Erectile Dysfunction, they either can't get hard or they don't get hard enough... or have a short fuse.

For many men, the first sensation they get when they take the first blast from crack is that all they can think of is SEX, for me, it's an overwhelming obsession that takes over completely when I exhale the very first blast.

I'm a recovering incest survivor, I'm dissociated, which means:

I'm not the first little boy that my Grandfather was caught with AND I don't remember anything from age 5 until age 10.

My sex abuse started when my parents separated, my Dad (who was an orphan) was drinking heavily, my Mom took us and my brothers to live with her parents. My Grandmother was killed on my 10th birthday... my perpetrator (GrandDad) moved away soon afterwards and it was like I came out of a coma, I was weird... my body was chronologically 10 but emotionally I was still 5.

I don't have any recollection of sex abuse from those 5 years but it appears that I associated sex, sexuality, love, being sexually desirable with my entire self worth.


If a women desired me sexually, I was worthwile, if she cheated on my I wasn't "worth the paper I was printed on"

This is irrational, but the tremendous power associated with those emotions overpowered me.

in short, once you go years with out being able to have sex succesfully, and you get your hydraulics back... it's like you have a second chance to be a man, your virility comes back...

for years you thought ALL your sex life was PAST TENSE, and now you get another chance!

crack whores (a terribly insensitive, sexist, degrading way to look at women who are as addicted as you are... if, as a man, if you could trade sex for crack you might just do the same) crack ho's are easy.

If you party with women who smoke crack... it's probably the only chance you have of getting laid.

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