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It takes one to know one.

All addictions are ultimately Victim Behavior- they're also a symptom of codependency.

Recovery (serenity) requires a quantum shift, detachment defined is nothing (because Ego is digitalized), and detachment 'experienced' is serenity.

Monday, May 12, 2008

We already F*cked up...

I'm often amazed at the simple reason many people spend their whole paycheck on crack... to the point that they get evicted.

Why would we do that?

Most of the time it's because, internally... we've come to the erroneous conclusion that we've already fucked up.

The rationalization , with slight variations, goes like this:

We've committed some gigantic error, lost our drivers licence, we've got a felony on our arrest record, we've contracted some kind of STD...

we've gotten fired from a job, we live in a small town that every one knows about our messed up reputation...

The self destructive behavior comes from an internal decision.

This internal decision usually is like an iceberg:

the part that is conscious is the 10% of the iceberg that's above the water
the part that is unconscious is the 90& below the water.

Our unconscious is a LOT bigger than we are.

it includes beliefs that are 'woven into' the lens that we view the world through.
Tony Robbins calls these beliefs: Pre-Suppositions, Global Beliefs, the Paradigm we live in (or inherited from our family of origin)

They are characterized by the following (internal) statements:

"Life is..."
"People are..."
"Screw them before they screw you"
"...the rich get richer and the poor get poorer"

let's take that last one:
That statement is based on the media, and the circles you travel in.
The media is DEMANDING a recession, and they won't let up on the news stories that claim our economy is going down the tubes.

The circles you travel in?
face it, Hockey players don't hang around chess players.

Take your 6 closest friends and average their incomes...
yours will fall within that median.

WE Smoke till all our money is gone because internally we've just given up.
We already fucked up, so why bother.

Future posts coming on this whole presupposition concept, it's based on the science of N.L.P.
Neuro Linguistic Programming

in NLP, the idea is that all we can hold in consciousness is 7 plus or minus 'bits' of information, 7 'chunks'

we do not consciously think to breath or command our heart to beat, or balance while we walk...

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