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Thursday, September 04, 2008

If you gotta recook it... it's no good

I live in Frederick City, Frederick County Maryland. The city of Frederick is the second largest city in Maryland...

When I write about crack usage, I'm writing about what goes on in the area I live in, right now.

The Purpose of this blog is to extend hope to CURRENT users, conventional recovery methods insist that all using stop before any good can come of recovery...

While I'm not arguing that point... I AM writing to those people, in pain, that aren't going to stop 'Cold Turkey', think about it, do most people who quit smoking cigarettes quit the first time?


And right here, in Frederick, most of the crack that's going around is garbage!
it's mostly cut, baking soda... if you've gotta recook it, it isn't worth smoking!

The local police must have done a super job in interdiction, because even the crack dealers can't get decent stuff.


Most crack dealers do NOT smoke themselves, some do... but if they smoke, they smoke up their profits, and the users that patronize them, most of the time, prefer to buy from the NON smokers.


Because non smokers are more likely to have merchandise 'in stock'


smokers are more likely to 'cut' the product, what they're after is to subsidize their habit.

Ok, just in case my readers don't know what 're cook' means, I'll clue you in:

You never get straight crack, just like you never get straight cocaine.
it's cut, sometimes with baby laxative, sometimes with other crap, but most of the time baking soda is used in addition to whatever else is in there.

If your crack is 'weak', you can put a small amount in a spoon, and a little bit of water and hold it over a flame, a lighter will do.

Once you boil the water down some, the cocaine oil will 'bubble', you take a metal object, maybe a penny, and try to get the oil to solidify (cool) onto the penny.

That residue is 're cooked' and much stronger.

What's going around in Frederick county Maryland right now is so weak it's not even worth re cooking!

Kudos to law enforcement.

People who smoke what's currently available, could probably pass a urine test.

Good news to addicts who are afraid of applying for a job just to test dirty!

  • Experience

  • Strength

  • Hope

  • That's what you're supposed to get from going to meetings

    That's if you're going to meetings because you have a desire to get clean (as opposed to going to meetings to get out of going to jail)

    that's what I'm trying to give with this blog.

    These articles are for informational purposes only. Contact a licenced counselor if you're in crisis.

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