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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Supply of better crack in Frederick coming back

A while ago I posted that you couldn't get any decent crack in Frederick Maryland where I live.

The authorities (City of Frederick Police, Frederick County Police, and whoever else) did such a good job of interdiction that they'd virtually shut down the supply.

Well, for the most part that's still true.


There is a tiny bit of more powerful stuff circulating.

Want the good news?

So many people, not the hard core addicts that go to any length to get high (shoplift or worse), so many light users got disgusted with paying $40 for baking soda that they refused to buy any more.

and that's a good thing.

What self respect issues come up with an addict when you buy garbage?

What are you 'telegraphing' about your level of internal self respect in your relationship with your crack dealer?

What? you didn't know you were telegraphing anything?

Ok picture this:

Someone, a shmuck goes to the store and buys a widget. The widget doesn't work.
They take it back... either the store gives em a new widget or the store tells em to fuck off.

What does the shmuck do if they tell him to fuck off?

He refuses to shop there any more...

ok, analogy here:

Your crack dealer sells you shit, it's drywall or cut so bad nothing comes back...
I've heard the phrase "ambusol crack", baking soda with a tinge of ambusol to make your lips numb... you *think* you're smoking crack.

A week goes by, you call all the people who you hope are going to have something decent... they don't answer... so what do you do?

You call the same people who sold you the bullshit?

What are you 'telegraphing' to them?

You're telling them there is no consquence for them to shit on you... you'll 'get over it'

so... there's no reason for them to stop *doing it to you*

In reality "You did it to yourself!"

Fool me once shame on you.

...Fool me twice shame on me

...Fool me a dozen or more times and I must've really wanted to be fucked over.

Does your crack dealer have more respect for themselves than you do?

See anything wrong with this picture?

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