Crack Cocaine Addiction sucks ass

It takes one to know one.

All addictions are ultimately Victim Behavior- they're also a symptom of codependency.

Recovery (serenity) requires a quantum shift, detachment defined is nothing (because Ego is digitalized), and detachment 'experienced' is serenity.

Friday, October 31, 2008

You aren't going to stop...

If you're trying to stop smoking crack, you're not likely to get very far with that.

How many times have you seen someone stop smoking cigarettes?

How many times have they 'quit', went back to smoking, quit again and so on.

If you really want some lasting relief from this addiction, shoot for a much MUCH better target!
Shoot for something OTHER than to QUIT doing something.

What IS addiction anyway? I mean how is it described?

Ok, that's rather subjective isn't it?

Who is doing the describing? Who?
  • Doctors

  • Psychologists

  • Probation Officers

  • Prosecutors

  • Drug Counselors

  • YOU the user

  • The definition I like is the one Dr Drew uses:
    The definition of addiction is that you keep doing stuff even if it has negative consequences

    Don't try to STOP doing anything.. try to START imagining a life with out Crack!

    How YOU define addiction is going to determine if you ever have half a chance of quiting.


    Did you know that Jeffery Dahlmer was NOT insane?

    Not legally, not even clinically. If he was found insane by legal standards he would have ended up in an institution and not prison.

    There isn't any way for Dahlmer to be clinically insane because psychologists do not have a category of insanity...

    it's a legal definition ONLY

    What's that mean? The entire realm of what you can do and what you can't do is subjective.

    HUH? it's SUBJECT to how you categorize it.

    If you catagorize QUIT doing X as:
  • painful

  • shit now I have to give up something that I DO like to do

  • quit? not much likleyhood of THAT ever happening

  • those are PRESUPPOSITIONS, and they're unconscious PREsuppostions at that.

    Rather than beat yourself over the head and make your self feel even more like a loser...

    Use Guerilla Recovery

    You're not gonna win this battle by taking the adversary on in an even fight.

    He'll beat the living shit out of you and you know it, your friends know it, your Mom knows it, your ex girlfriend knows it, your Boss knows it, and your Probation officer knows it.

    Did the colonial army REALLY think it could take on the British in a fair fight?
    Did the Indians really think they could take on the US Calvary in a fair fight?

    Guerilla tactics are: Don't try to quit, and don't pretend you can simply switch to a eumphenistic 'drug free' (what bullshit, to think you can just... hmm, what if you can??)

    What's realistic is to BEGIN to imagine what life would be like if you:
  • still had money the next day

  • didn't have to bum cigarettes or pull butts out of the ashtray

  • You actually answered the phone when your kids called because this time you're not blasted, geeking, crawling on the floor hunting for that piece of lint that you already know is NOT a piece of crack that fell out of the stem

  • Nope, what is realistic is to BEGIN to imagine
    Did you notice that 3 of the 12 steps don't say DO X,Y or Z

    3 of the steps say "Came to believe"

    imagine... build up to behavior, for now just leave behavior on the back burner.
    Just imagine

    As addicts we're dysfunctional, we wouldn't know functional behavior if it crawled up in our lap and called us MAMA. We might have even done functional shit BY MISTAKE and not even recognized it as functional behavior.

    how the hell do WE know what functional behavior is like, if we've never done it before, our parents have never done it before, we don't even KNOW people that know how to be functional.

    so... this 'Imagine what it'd be like to be crack free' is something we're obviously gonna have to practice.

    When you first jumped into a car, when you were, what? 15. Where you instantly Jimmy Johnson (everybody keeps telling me I look like him, I hope he's winning... if he's gonna walk around looking like me he better)

    You jumped the curb a bit the first time you drove a car.


    To observe is the most powerful verb in the english language, it really is.

    Observing seems 'passive', but it's not. Consider it 'range finding for artillery'
    What good is a howitzer if you don't have the range?

    More coming it's late and my granddaughter just woke up

    These articles are for informational purposes only. Contact a licenced counselor if you're in crisis.

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