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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

For Many Boomers, Substance Addiction is Sex Addiction

I can't speak for the millenial generation, I can't speak for generation X, I'm a boomer.

What I do see in substance abuse in Boomers (I'm 52, class of 75) is a LOT of us have issues surrounding sex, sex or the lack of it, or the pursuit of it, or what we *think it's gonna give us*, what we want it to provide for us is screwed up. WTF does that mean?

Most people want sex, more sex sure seems like a better idea than less sex.. abstinance is just plain misery.

What if you're entire internal value system was predicated on being desireable?
...well if you WERE desirable, if you were lucky enough to be young, vibrant, attractive, sexy... there doesn't seem like there's much of a problem... until you are no longer young, vibrant, attractive, seductive, desirable

what then?

sounds kinda painful doesn't it?

umm, yeah, it is.

It is not healthy to have your self esteem completely dependent on "does she want me"
as long as she does... and you're getting it regularly... there ISN'T a problem, until she doesn't want you OR you are no longer getting it regularly

Why do many boomers secure crack?
Because if you can't get laid easily... if you have crack... you ARE assured of getting sex, it's not pretty, it's not the kind of sex you want but from your (skewed) perception getting it beats not gettin it

It is my opinion that a whole lot of crack cocaine addiction isnt' really about the substance.

it's about an unhealthy need for what you think sex means to you.

Here's to hoping you now know more about sex addiction than you did before you read this

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kirkflynn said...

Thanks for giving us an insight and an angle about the reasons why boomers secure crack. It just says that addiction recovery should address many different levels, aspects and derivatives to be effective.

Cocaine Rehab Blog said...

It's a very interesting angle that i have never considered.Thanx for this,got the thinking outside the box

Dr. Basim Elhabashy said...

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