Crack Cocaine Addiction sucks ass

It takes one to know one.

All addictions are ultimately Victim Behavior- they're also a symptom of codependency.

Recovery (serenity) requires a quantum shift, detachment defined is nothing (because Ego is digitalized), and detachment 'experienced' is serenity.

Sunday, November 02, 2014

Addicts Are Codependents FIRST


In the post WW2 time frame psychologists found in the vast clinical data... there were no alcoholics unless and until there were also co-alcoholics

They never found one without there also being the other

Hence my position that one cannot be a "victim in a vacuum"

 Codependency 101

 you cannot be manipulated without being manipulatABLE

Fool me once - shame on you, fool me 6 times and I'm deliberately setting this up for some sort of unconscious,  irrational secondary gain

resentment is to addiction what oxygen is to fire
where there's smoke, there's fire
you can't be an addict without first being a codependent
you can't be codependent without harboring resentments

a codependent CANNOT see that they're codependent anymore than a fish can see the fishbowl

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