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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Relapse or Slip- what you tell yourself makes a difference

Relapse or Slip?

How you define a relapse or a slip makes a huge difference.
As addicts we tend to denigrate ourselves, don't make it so easy to kick yourself, you're already too good at that.

Self Talk... Addiction Self Talk more precisely.

What you say to yourself determines what you do with yourself.

Have doubts about that?

Sit at a bus stop, you're the only one there... if no one is watching, you don't have to have your defenses up. Now let someone sit down next to you. All of a sudden, you wont scratch your ass, you wont pick your nose, you're now in 'political mode'.

What do I mean by political mode?
What kinds of things do you NOT want this stranger to see you do?

Now you're concerned with the 'politics' of what you want that person to see, what do you NOT want that person to know about you?

Now what kinds of self statements are going on in your head?

The article is called: Relapses and Slips, remembering and forgetting

Neuro Lingustic Programming is an offshoot of hypnosis, it's a revolutionary type of hypnosis... As addicts, we need to monitor our self-talk and make it positive.

See this article I wrote titled: Fasting for your mind

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