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It takes one to know one.

All addictions are ultimately Victim Behavior- they're also a symptom of codependency.

Recovery (serenity) requires a quantum shift, detachment defined is nothing (because Ego is digitalized), and detachment 'experienced' is serenity.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Use Guerrilla Recovery Methods

If you've been trying to get clean using traditional methods and it's not working...

Try going through the 'back door'.

What I mean is if you're fuc*** up and you know it, what do you do?

Most people seek out someone they know that used to be 'Off The Hook' and either quit or cut down so much it was clear that they had cleaned up.

And what is the most likely thing that cleaned up person's going to tell you?

Go go meetings

So what if going to meetings doesn't help you?

A better question is WHY would going to meetings not do you any good?

For most of those for whom going to meetings doesn't help it's because they either don't believe in God, or they don't believe God is going to help them.

OK, transparency check here: I do believe in God and do believe 12 step meetings can help.


it's not completely necessary to believe in God or go to meetings as a believer, nor even go to meetings at all to get clean.

OK, got that out of the way

Why does going to meetings not work?

The 3rd step - it's a Trust Issue, in your guts you don't trust God to help you.
OR... in your guts you don't think God's gonna take the time to help a screwed up, lying, untrustworthy piece of sh** like you.

Why do so many people have trouble with organized religion?

The Hierarchy Model, that's what I think.

and we're DOWN HERE.

another reason so many people have trouble with God is most religions concentrate on BRIBERY

"If you don't do good... YOU'LL GO TO HELL!!"

I recently found out I'm what they call "Gnostic", I didn't know there was a specific philosophical/ theological term for it...

I do not trust organized religion and I DO trust spirituality.

I'm more in line with DePak Choppra than I am the president of the Mormon Church or the Pope.

I do NOT think God is so Punitive, the God I believe in isn't so into punishment.

My God is not a vengeful God.

I think it's counterproductive to concentrate on punishment, see the blog post on another of my blogs that I keep linking to...

So... what the hell do I mean by 'Back Door'?

Use N.L.P.

And WFT is NLP?

Neuro Linguistic Programming. Some people call NLP a form of self hypnosis.

I wrote about NLP on another of my blogs here:

You Could call it that, but that'd be a misnomer, that's such a limited title to give NLP.

For now, let's say we've grown up using internal 'software' and that 'programming' sucks.

Scrap the programming.

ditch the motherf****r.

Simple as that.

What you were doing to get crack free didn't work.

Do something else. Try something else. What's the harm? What you WERE doing didn't work.

The way you look at crap automatically includes certain limitations. Those limitations are unconscious. They're 'built in'

They are PRE suppositions, and when you 'look at sh** a certain way' the presuppositions are not apparent (because they're built in) you can't see the forest for the trees kinda thing.

OK, here's some examples:

you smoke cigarettes, since you smoke crack, it's a safe bet you smoke menthol cigarettes, Newport's probably (easy giveaway to spot a crack head: white guy smoking Newports and his lighter is turned up so high it burns his eyebrows)

When people try to quit smoking... how confident are they that they'll make it?

Not very.

When people get a cold, what do they do?

take something to deal with the symptoms... what happened to a cure?

Do you really believe you can "CURE" addiction?

I didn't think so.

Change the paradigm is what I'm saying...

Don't try to 'quit' or 'stop' doing anything.

to quit/stop/give up/ is negative.

What you want to do is to re program your insides to what you want to more towards, and not what you want to avoid.


Your goal is to be crack free.


not stop smoking crack

What would it look like if you were crack free?

What kinds of sh** would you do if you were crack free?

What would it feel like, inside, if you were crack free?

now for most of the crack heads reading this, they're gonna say, sh*t that's not gonna work.

See what you're built in presupposition already limited you to?

To construct an imaginary scene where you are crack free is to use NLP self hypnosis techniques.

there you go... now you have something to practice.

Here are some links to describe NLP:


  • What Wikipedia says about NLP

  • What follows here actually belongs on my but since it's related to the thrust of this post I'm leaving it in here.
    Also, I'm tired as shit and if I don't leave it here, I'll forget to write a blog post around this idea.

    The entire monotheistic methodology of religion, since the Jews first entertained that thought process is from a point of view that is like a 'singularity'.

    We view the universe from OUR point of reference, every thing is measured, distance for example, measured as "we're here" and "that's over there".

    These articles are for informational purposes only. Contact a licenced counselor if you're in crisis.
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